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Because each child learns differently, we use a combination of structured curriculum and age-appropriate activities to stimulate and engage your child.

This approach to childcare allows us to:

  • Provide teachers and parents with a shared understanding of what each child is learning.
  • Together, parents and teachers can encourage the cognitive, social, and physical growth of the children.
  • Involve parents by sending home lesson plan activities written by teachers to discuss with their child.
  • Incorporate various learning styles such as large group, small group, self-directed learning spaces, and teacher-directed activities.
  • Enable parents and teachers to set reasonable expectations for each child’s growth (research has shown that communicating high expectations results in high self-esteem and achievement).
  • Foster a partnership between families and teachers.
  • Provide additional resources to families.

We also believe that establishing clear, age-appropriate learning outcomes, as well as actively involving teachers, parents, and children in the learning process, substantially increases the opportunities for your child’s growth.

Our Curriculum


    The environment is work-based and acts as the third teacher. This allows our students to absorb concepts and develop concentration and skills through the practical life activities and prepared materials that surround them.


    We design the care, play and learning environments to communicate what we believe about children — that they are mighty learners; creative, resourceful and capable.


    Our specialized movement curriculum gets children on track to a healthy and active lifestyle. Through group games, sports, basic movement skills, nutritional guidance and plenty of outdoor exercise,

We look forward to hosting you at our school.